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Thanks again for choosing National Grid Support Service as your solar provider. We look forward to completing your installation, however, there is a little more to do before we can put you on the path to saving money. 


The Victorian Rebate will be re-released on1st of August. We need to ensure all our customers are prepared so that they have every opportunity to be accepted for this round of rebates. As with July, there are 10,000 spots available and we anticipate this will be fully subscribed quickly.


What will be happening on the 1st of August?


On the 1st August, the team at NGSS will busy uploading your Summary of Work that our consultant arranged for you at your consultation. 


Once Solar Victoria receives this from National Grid Support Service, you will receive an email from Solar Victoria with a link to accept your quote and upload your verifying documents. After entering your contact details on the portal, you will need to supply the following information: 


  1. Enter National Grid Support Service as your chosen retailer

  2. Enter your  quote number

  3. Enter your quote amount 

  4. Select NEXT to proceed with your application or save and exit to return at a later time.


You will receive an SMS this week with your individual quote number and quote amount. 


For a step by step view at the application process please the attached document. If you choose to save and exit this may mean that you miss out on your eligibility - we encourage you to take the time to get your application in as soon as possible. 


What do you need to do?


In readiness for when you receive the email from Solar Victoria, we recommend that you take a clear picture of the following items and save them to your device ready to upload to your application when the portal opens. The link to the portal will be in the email you will receive from Solar Victoria.



Drivers License front AND back, OR Passport OR Medicare Card front AND back. If recently married and name differs on the rates notice provide a Marriage Certificate. Proof of Age card and Key Passes will not be accepted. 

Proof Of Ownership

Rates Notice for your home indicating the Capital Improved Figure - MUST be this version.If you have recently settled and do not have rates notice, please provide a Rate Extract OR a Supplementary Rates and Valuation Notice - your council will be able to assist. If neither of these are available, a Contract Of Sale from the Real Estate Agent will be accepted


Income Requirements 

If Employed

Notice Of Assessment for financial year 2016-2017 or 2017-2018

If Pensioner/Centrelink 

Centrelink PAYG Payment Summary for financial year 2018-2019

If Self Funded Retiree

Statutory Declaration stating that you are retired and your income for the financial year in actual dollar value including super. A Statutory Declaration will be required for each person on the Rates Notice. 

If you did not receive taxable income, you will need to provide a statutory declaration stating what your income was (e.g. $0) for the financial year

To download a Statutory Declaration form please visit


What happens next? 


When Solar Vic receive your supporting documents, they will assess them and assuming you meet the necessary criteria, you will be issued with an eligibility code. Once we receive this code, we will be able to proceed with booking for your installation. 


We will be in contact next week to confirm you are prepared and have no further questions. In the meantime, please call us on 1300 655 808 if you have any further questions. 




For more details on how to access and complete the rebate portal requirements download the official document here.