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Why don't we have big warehouses and depots everywhere, why just small offices?

When staff, leases, storeman etc are paid that needs to be distributed either into the extra cost of systems or costs need to be reduced elsewhere in either product quality, underpaid installers. We are not cheap at all, in fact, our systems may be a little more than you could have been quoted elsewhere; that won't is changing any time soon. We invest heavily in customer experience, we invest in our team, we invest in better solar, safer solar, solar than is done once properly. If that means it takes a year longer to recover your investment so be it, you know what they say 'high return, high risk'.

Why do you only do Residential Jobs?

Because we are dedicated to the homeowner, we know them, we serve them well, we are them. We don't try to be a jack of all trades, we try to be a master of one. Solar is a multilayered, complex market, we try to keep it simple and specialise in one area residential Solar.

Who owns NGSS, what are their credentials?

A family business, A roofing specialist, An Electrician (for 40 years) and An Accountant.

We think that's a pretty good combo for a national Solar company.